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Pope Mobile

Papacy Is Ready to Join the Green Wheel Current

There are numerous important people in the world, like celebrities, politicians, and so on, but we shouldn’t forget about the people representing the Church, like the Pope. He has always been a role model and this is why it is an important step that he is going to get a green car. Mercedes-Benz is creating […]

Peru Is Killing The Forest

Peru Is Killing the Forest in Search of Gold

We would all think that the gold fever is a thing of the past, but as we know, history has the tendency of repeating itself. It seems like this time the miners of Peru have been hit by this ‘disease’ because of the rising price of gold. Massive deforestation is going on around certain parts […]

green room plan

Green Up in Every Room

Saving energy is top of the agenda for more people than ever before – perhaps not enough people to save the planet from global warming, but at least the ball is rolling. The issue of energy usage is of paramount importance in this day and age, as we have seen in numerous media campaigns over […]

cell phones and green living

Are Cell Phones Messing Up Our Chances for a Green Life?

In the moment of organizing the promotional campaign for a new mobile phone the manufacturers create a list of words that they would like the consumers to associate with their products. These include sleek, elegant, useful, trendy, and so on, but usually cancer isn’t on their list. There have been a lot of rumors regarding […]

Greener Breakfast

The Road Towards a Greener Breakfast

There are some actions that we all do on a daily basis, but we never wonder about the impact that they could have. One of the activities is having breakfast. Numerous people have breakfast, and according to nutritionists, this is the most important meal of the day. The use of having breakfast ranges from reducing […]

Effective Drainage System

An Effective Drainage System Will Make a Difference in City Ecology

The effects of global warming can be seen on a daily basis. For example there are the great floods that occurred in 2008 and 2009 in the UK. These point to the fact that the sewer systems are old and they cannot handle the new situations anymore. Useful alternatives for the old systems are the […]


Environmental Statistics and the Consequences That Affect the Future of the Earth

The different ecosystems of the planet, such as forests, oceans, coral reefs, etc. are all part of the biodiversity. Appropriate conservation and preservation of this ecological system or biodiversity helps us in not only living a healthier life, but also allows the future generations to live in glory as well. However, since time immemorial, various […]

green fuel

Green Fuel of the Future

In today’s climate it is all about how to economise and reduce each individual’s carbon footprint, enabling the protection of the planet for the nation’s offspring. One area that is particularly targeted is the energy that is used to power the car engine. There have been for many years images of what the cars of […]

icelandic volcano

Second Icelandic Volcano Causes Travel Panic

UK holidaymakers are being advised to take note of a series of handy hints issued by, the leading price comparison website, if the recent eruption of Grimsvotn or any future volcanic activity threatens to hamper any upcoming travel plans. Iceland’s most active volcano started erupting towards the end of May, immediately igniting concerns of […]