Upcycling Is the New 2011 Decorating Trend


Numerous things are known to gain value with time, such as wine, quality clothes, furniture and also classic cars. It is up to you whether you choose to keep them in their original state, or you prefer to upcycle them and to create something unique.

Since people use so many different objects, it is just natural for them to get old and this is why upcycling has such a huge potential.

2011 Decoration TrendAccording to those people working in this niche, the majority of the consumers seem to be throwing away furniture that they think they don’t need anymore, or that they would like to change.

The main point of upcycling is to give some old items a new life, and to turn objects that people don’t want anymore into objects that they wish to have and that they are willing to pay money for.

To Catri Osborne-Barrett it is a thrill to make something beautiful of something undesired and to her someone’s trash is a real treasure.

In her case it is really important to experiment with different kinds of materials and to bring boring items back to life.

There is another professional regarding upcycling called Lupe Castro, according to whom in case an old chair is missing a leg it doesn’t make it less beautiful. She has a talent of finding new purposes for old objects.

For example she has found an old traveling trunk and she has turned it into a dressing table. The materials that she used were all old, and people didn’t want to use them anymore.

According to her the best thing about the upcycled items is that they take her into another era. She says that the best ways to find objects that are craving for upcycling is to go to flea markets or small town auction houses, but she admits that her best findings come from skips on the street.

Simon Belsher is also handling such kinds of furniture, and his work can be easily recognized since it is meant to focus on the British heritage. The majority of the chairs are covered with Union Jack.

He claims that one of his simplest creations has been a medicine cabinet that has been created from old wooden boxes with hinged lids. He seems to have real talent for this activity, since he managed to turn and upside-down side table into a baroque bed and a telephone seat that has been used during the 70’s into a mini chaise lounge.

Up to now the people that have been mentioned are antique shop owners, but you should also know that they aren’t the only ones who know a thing or two about upcycling. There is the company called Cafedirect that is also known in this kind of activity. It all started when they have created Container House, and they used old coffee sacks to reupholster the old chairs.

Although the pieces created by professionals might look stunning, you can also achieve similar results if you have a bit of creativity.


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