The Not-So-Green Kitchen Habits We Love to Do Anyways


It is a widely accepted fact that cooking at home is healthier than eating out, and also it is eco-friendlier than the other methods. Nonetheless there are some aspects of home cooking that are less than beneficial for this planet that we are living in.

Quite some time ago women have been collecting the grease that they used during cooking, and they reused it. In our days the majority of people simply throw it down the sink. Plumbers say that it is okay while you are also running soapy water down while doing so.

Grease In Kitchen

The truth behind this is that the grease coming from households represents one of the biggest problems because even the smallest amount builds up and causes sewer backups and blockages.

The oven door could also be considered an enemy of the environment. Every time you open it to have a sneak peak at the food you are preparing, the temperature gets 20-25 degrees lower.

This means that the cooking will take more time and it will need more energy to make up for the wasted heat. Also remember that pre-heating is also a waste except for the case of baked goodies.

The plastic bags also represent a threat. It might have happened to you that you found yourself buying plastic bags while you have eco-friendly bags at home or in the car. It could be a good idea to give it as a task to the children to remember about the bags. Also the majority of the plastic bags that you put the fruits and vegetables in are also useless. For example in the case of avocado you could as well place the fruit in the cart.

When cleaning the kitchen, there are numerous chemicals used. Although they keep the kitchen clean, they could be dangerous for both humans and the wildlife. We also have the possibility to opt for eco-friendly products, or to produce our own cleaning products.

Another big waste could occur in case you keep the fridge running, but you don’t really keep any food in it, or you keep inside only little food. This doesn’t mean that you should be running out and buy the food that otherwise you wouldn’t need. Get a fridge according to your needs.

There are several out of the box methods to minimize the work that the fridge has to do, including using bottles of water or crumpled up newspaper. Or simply, if outside is cold enough for the food not to go bad storing the food there and unplugging the fridge will save energy the natural way.


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