Eco Camping Meets Futuristic Transportation


There are some things that up to now every camper had to think about, and it all starts with transportation. For going camping we need a car that requires fuel, and besides transportation there is also need for accommodation. Fortunately the new technology that is available to mankind makes it possible to have everything in the same place.

One of the most stunning futuristic transportation is called ‘Ecco’. This car has been designed by Nau and for sure it will become the favorite means of transportation of the technology freaks.

Eco Camping

The car offers it all: transportation, speed, and above all, freedom. This car could truly become the home away from home. It is equipped with requisite luxuries and so it makes sure you won’t have to think about fuel or accommodation on the road.

Ecco has been created to have a very sleek design and this is why it is able to travel at high speed, cutting back the wind resistance. There is a membrane roof that folds in order to capture the highest amount of solar energy possible.

The device offers all the conveniences of a small home for there is a kitchen, a toilet, a shower and also a living area. Besides all this, there might also be an extra bed (for guests of course).

The exterior has been created of the fines glass and aluminum, and so the weight is very light. Since the car is powered only by electric energy, there are no emissions at all so it is really eco-friendly and there is no pollution.

Another car that might seem to be more realistic at the moment has been created by Volkswagen and it actually is a remake of an older vehicle. It is an i-Pad enabled minibus and it has the name of Bulli. Although this isn’t a new model, the new car has everything that the old one lacked.

The electric motor it has is able to create 85 kW of power and the distance that could be made between two charges is of about 186.4 miles. The iPad that has been mentioned incorporates hands-free communication and also a GPS.

Although the car seems to be extremely modern, there are still some things that the company kept from the old model. These aspects include the bench seats and also the two-toned interior. The disadvantage is that the company also seems to have kept the top speed of the car, of 87 mph.

These are pretty much all of the similarities, but one may wonder whether these are enough to awaken the nostalgia some people feel for the bohemian ‘60s.

The company had a huge success when they reintroduced the Beetle, but this might not be such a success story. In the end the car resembles a boxy thing with a semi-pronounced hood and it doesn’t seem to be the symbol of the counterculture anymore.

Nonetheless the proportions are right: nothing is too big and nothing is too small. Actually the car is somewhere between a minivan and a Mini Cooper both quite fit for cruising towards the camping spots of the world.


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