Climate Change and the Consequence Called Food Price


A lot of people are talking about the changes of the climate, but their majority doesn’t really see all the change that these cause. It is a known fact that the production of wheat and corn have dropped by three percent in the last 30 years, compared to the projections that have been made without taking into consideration the rise of the temperatures.

In case of London this means that the commodity prices have risen by 20 percent. Some part of the problems that have been caused by the climate change have been made up for by the advancements that technology made and all the advantages that have been offered by the new breeds and the improvement in the practices.

Climate Change and Food Price

A study has been conducted with the name of ‘Climate Trends and Global Crop Production” since 1980. This has found that the wheat output fell by 5.5 percent, while the corn output fell by 3.8 percent in the period of 1980-2008 because of the climate change.

One of the biggest effects of this phenomenon has been observed in Russia, while the production of the United States hasn’t been affected. In case of soybean and rice the advantages and disadvantages created a balance. For example in case of rice there have been some advantages in case of the cooler, higher altitude countries.

According to the studies that have been conducted there is need to adapt the agriculture to the new circumstances causing the changes in the climate, in order to achieve a production that could ensure an acceptable level of satisfaction regarding the needs of people for these products.

The commodity prices have risen in the period that has been studied, and we have to add that the changes have been quite big. If you would like to see the situation in numbers this means 6.4 percent higher commodity prices.

Like it or not, the global warming has a negative effect on the food production and there are some people who are already talking about food crisis. Nonetheless there are some events that nobody could foresee, and these just happen, because the natural course calls for them, without having anything to do with global warming and other kinds of climate changes.

There have been a lot of studies done regarding this matter and they have all found that the productions have been lower because of the above described factors, and as a consequence the price of the majority of food types has increased.


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