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Grease In Kitchen

The Not-So-Green Kitchen Habits We Love to Do Anyways

It is a widely accepted fact that cooking at home is healthier than eating out, and also it is eco-friendlier than the other methods. Nonetheless there are some aspects of home cooking that are less than beneficial for this planet that we are living in. Quite some time ago women have been collecting the grease […]

Floating Island

Floating Islands Golf Course Trend and the Green Future Awaiting Them

The majority of people would have never thought that golf courses will look any different from the look they have nowadays. Well… in this case they never heard about the upcoming projects that seem to revolutionize the traditional concept of golf, and add a whole new aspect to it. One of the most spectacular golf […]

2011 Decoration Trend

Upcycling Is the New 2011 Decorating Trend

Numerous things are known to gain value with time, such as wine, quality clothes, furniture and also classic cars. It is up to you whether you choose to keep them in their original state, or you prefer to upcycle them and to create something unique. Since people use so many different objects, it is just […]

Car Sharing Service

Can There Be an Income Hidden Behind Car Sharing?

These days every person wishes to have his or her own car, but there are many people for whom this isn’t a real necessity, but rather a personal preference. In case you drive less than 500 miles a month, you are the perfect candidate for car sharing. There are numerous possibilities offered by the manufacturers […]


Green Clothes with Eco T-Shirt Printing

Clothing is an area that is nearly limitless in its possibilities. T-shirts, the most common form of clothing, printed t shirts especially malleable when it comes to style choices. With the different designs that are available in just a T-shirt, the tastes of every person are represented. Many of these shirts are manufactured in processes […]

Eco Camping

Eco Camping Meets Futuristic Transportation

There are some things that up to now every camper had to think about, and it all starts with transportation. For going camping we need a car that requires fuel, and besides transportation there is also need for accommodation. Fortunately the new technology that is available to mankind makes it possible to have everything in […]

Climate Change and Food Price

Climate Change and the Consequence Called Food Price

A lot of people are talking about the changes of the climate, but their majority doesn’t really see all the change that these cause. It is a known fact that the production of wheat and corn have dropped by three percent in the last 30 years, compared to the projections that have been made without […]

Green Zoo Concept

Can the Green Zoo Concept Make Zoos Politically Correct?

The main point of the green zoo keeping concept is to make sure that these do not make any harm to the surrounding area and also that they are comfortable for both the inhabitants and the visitors. In some cases the “greenness” of the zoos would come from the fact that they need less physical […]

worst cars for environment

The Not So Environmental Friendly Cars of 2011

The cars in our days seem to be able to do everything, they almost drive themselves, but there are some things that seem to be impossible for them, and one extremely important thing is being eco-friendly. While we might think that this is an important concept for people, there are still numerous persons who are […]