Spring Cleaning the Green Way


The spring is knocking on the door, therefore start thinking about green and ecological cleaning. For many people who are leading a green lifestyle, cleaning without using toxins and chemicals is an adequate option. Here are few tricks that may help you to clean your home in a green way.

spring cleaning windowsThese few simple tips can be a great benefit to save some money. They are easy to apply, do not cost a bunch of money and above all they help to save the environment.

Furthermore, they are safe for you and your family for they will not have to dispose of toxic and hazardous waste.

In case you want to clean the windows, try the old and well known recipe for cleaning windows and mirrors. Use a mixture of vinegar and water in equal parts.

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it instead of detergent. Wipe it with old creased newspapers, for it is the best way to make the surface shining.

To remove the stains from the carpet or simply to clean the upholstery of the furniture, use a mixture of equal parts of white vinegar, liquid dish soap and water.

Pour the solution into the spray bottle and inject it on the stain. Then use the brush and rub the mixture well. Then rinse with water.

The spots on the carpets can be cleaned with shaving cream – just rub, finish with a brush, then rinse and let dry.

carpet cleaningThe silver surfaces can be also cleaned in an ecological way. It doesn’t matter whether it is your table set or a silver frame – all of them can be cleaned with toothpaste.

Some cleaners contain silver derivatives of petroleum, ammonia and other hazardous substances, so you can replace them with ordinary toothpaste.

Rub the paste with fingers, then rinse with warm water and polish with a soft cloth. For larger silver surface, you can use a paste of baking soda mixed with a little water placed on a sponge.

The vinegar and the baking soda are great for cleaning the kitchen countertop. Make sure you are cleaning without using products that contain toxins.

Dry cleaning is also not recommendable, when it comes to your old carpet. Instead, use a baking soda.

It may sound odd, but sprinkle baking soda over the old carpet and brush off for 10 minutes. Then simply wash it away with water. The baking soda not only cleans the dirt, but it keeps the unpleasant odors as well.


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