Kitchen Gadgets Under the Green Magnifying Glass


Turning your kitchen into a green paradise isn’t only a matter of design; selecting the right kitchen gadgets and sets is as important.

The topic for cooking green isn’t a new one, but yet cooking green is all about saving energy, cooking with the right foods and not on the last place, cooking with the right kitchenware. The new generation kitchen gadgets are manufactured in a green way and they can cut down your electricity bills, not to mention they are made to serve you the smart way.

hydrolon nonstick coatingOne of the examples is the Hydrolon nonstick coating by Ecolution. The system is similar to Teflon, which produces the same coating, but the difference is in the water-based application system of Hydrolon.

The cookware works with a simple principle. When the nonstick is applied to the metal, the solvent evaporates the water, which is thousand times greener than any other kitchenware.

The application solvent creates fewer emissions, which make their way to the air we breathe. Another advantage of Hydrolon is its material.

The company producer is using only heavy aluminum, for it transfers the heat better. The silicone handles are another smart decision for they are more comfortable and they are heat resistant.

The Hydrolon comes with five dishwasher-safe cookware product lines; so you can check them out, in case you are interested in green cooking.

Another way to get rid of the waste is to decide, which kitchen gadgets to use. The choice between the microwaves and toaster ovens will be the cardinal one, for you probably are using them both.

microwave and toaster oven

If you take a look at their energy use, you will not be surprised that they both are not exactly green. The microwave uses 1100 watts, while the toaster is using 1700 watts. It’s easy to see that the microwave uses less energy, but this isn’t exactly a deciding factor, for the microwave oven can’t cook your food the way it is cooked in the toaster oven.

The good news is you can still use them both, thanks to their versatile options. In case your ovens are too old, they probably don’t have any mode for smart cooking. Therefore, here are few tricks how to use them in a green way. If you want less energy consumption, use the microwave oven only for reheating the food. The toaster should be used for food that cooks slowly.


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