Teach Children About Biodiversity


Teaching your child on what exactly biodiversity is, may not be as easy as it looks. The term biodiversity includes lots of things in it. Therefore you will need to explain your children about the special link between animals, plants and people. The term biodiversity is a scientific term that unites all living forms on Earth. Explain to your child that the biodiversity has a local character too.

For instance, it unites all plant and animal species in an ecosystem. There are 3 types of biodiversity. The genetic diversity is the diversity of genes in different species.


The species diversity is the diversity of flora and fauna species in particular ecosystems or the Earth as a whole. Your child needs to know that any living organism in the planet is linked in a variety of ecosystems – combining the ecosystem on the planet. On our planet there are many different ecosystems – from the oceans to tropical forests, from savannas to the taiga, etc.

They are separated by differences in climate in different regions of the planet. This means that every region has its own ecosystem. The children must know that the biodiversity is a matter of protecting and keeping the nature clean.

The humans can protect the biodiversity in many ways, but most likely, there are several things that we should follow strictly. Teach your children that hunting and over-hunting is very dangerous, for it reduces the number of animals.

The habitat loss is also bad news. Too many buildings and roads, cutting down trees and the rapid growth of human comfort are the reasons behind habitat loss. The deforestation is bad for everyone – animals, plants and people alike.

saving the planetTherefore your children must be taught to protest against it. The invasion of the foreign species is also a threat on the biodiversity.

Teach your kids to be against introducing foreign species to the local habitats.

The pollution and the climate change are the biggest threats to the biodiversity. Try to develop green habits, in order to teach your children to respect the nature.

In case you can’t do this by yourself, there are special organizations for children.

The Wildlife Watch is one of the UK’s leading environmental organizations for children.

There your child can take part in many green initiatives, which surely will teach him to keep the nature clean. Protecting the biodiversity is also part of the lessons in the organization.


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