Have an Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day


The Valentine’s Day is about to come. All the magic will begin again with the three symbols of love – wine, chocolate and flowers. These are perhaps the most famous gifts, which one presents on Valentine’s Day.

red roses bouquet

Of course it is only one day of celebrating the love, but it leaves tons of pollution for the environment. Perhaps you never thought about it, but on Valentine’s Day millions of cards are sent so to be forgotten until the next Valentine’s Day.

There is a way to avoid the pollution and to mark this special fest. Just celebrate Valentine’s Day in a green way. Look around and you will see many green stores that will provide you with the right Valentine’s Day presents..

In case you think the fake silk flowers are good idea, you are wrong. A bouquet of silk flower is actually more harmful than a fresh bouquet of real roses. Of course the roses should be organically grown; otherwise they are not green enough for your celebration.

In this case, find your local florist, who will offer you organic or eco-certificated flowers. You can always purchase an organic bouquet of flowers online, which has its own benefits. There are many companies online that are providing special services for Valentine ’s Day.

organic wineFor instance, you can purchase organic blooms and they will be delivered on the address you want.

Instead of sending paper Valentine’s cards, try online cards.

This way you are saving time, money and mostly the environment, not to mention it is quite easier and you can personalize the card you want.

The DIY gifts are recommendable, but if you don’t have time on your hands, choose a green gift online.

If you are going to surprise your partner with a bottle of wine, choose an organic wine.

It is far more luxurious and classy to drink organically made wine than a wine that is full with toxins.

If your idea of spending Valentine’s Day includes a restaurant, choose a green restaurant that serves only organic foods. Don’t forget that there are already restaurants that are offering only eco-friendly local foods, which taste better.

The chocolate hearts can be organic too. The biggest company’s producers of chocolate have already released eco-certificated chocolates, so you can choose an organic line of chocolates.

chocolate hearts

If you are going to spend the festivity at home, turn off the lights and light the candles. It is a romantic and yet green way to spend the holiday of love.


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