Aromatherapy – The Green Touch of Wellness for the Kids


Aromatherapy is actually healthier than you have thought. Recently there are many experts that are suggesting aromatherapy for kids. It is an unusual experience, but it is working, especially for kids that are having different issues related to their self esteem. According to the aromatherapy specialists, the essences can make a good medicine for children that are insecure and very shy.

borageThe flower essences are not only healthy, but also improve the child’s moods and tonus. For instance, the borage essence is useful to increase the self esteem.

The experts claim that the borage will help you to deal with everything in your life. The walnut essence is recommendable for kids that have issues finding themselves.

The wild garlic aromatherapy should be practiced in cases of children that are not feeling secure.

Teenagers often have issues with self love. We know many of them don’t like themselves and do not accept any professional help on this subject. Therefore, the Potentilla and the Buttercup aromatherapy will be the best for such cases.

The self confidence can be raised significantly if your teenager is practicing aromatherapy with peppermint. It is also a therapy that helps balancing the brain and easy concentrating. In case your kid has problems in school, then you should take him to a Pennyroyal aromatherapy.


Many of the therapists will suggest you an adequate treatment and special package of essences. For instance, many aromatherapy salons are offering the “Focus, Energize, Create” treatment that includes the right essences for your kid.

lavender oil

In case you want to do some home aromatherapy, there are many options. The lavender oil is perfect for healing headaches, earaches and insect bites. The hair loss also can be prevented with an essence.

The chamomile and the peppermint oils are perfect for this matter. For a smooth and soft skin, you can mix geranium and rose oils. This mixture will tone your kid’s skin.

In case there are some skin burns, the tea tree oil is perfect as it soothes the burned skin. The old method for healing coughs is to mix cedar wood, eucalyptus and tea tree.

The sore throats can be treated with ginger, lavender and thyme oil as they are perfect for respiratory issues.

In case your kid can’t sleep, try the lavender and roman chamomile oil. For refreshing the tonus of your child, prepare a tub with warm water and lemon oil.


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