6 Tips to Have a Green Sex Life


1. Turn off the lights

green sex lifeMedia encourages the couples to make love with the light on but you might as well use the daylight to lose the inhibitions. Turn off the light when you go to bed at night. Yes, darkness will amplify the touch and the sensation and it will also add a bit of mystery.

2. Reduce the water waste

How about sharing the shower? It is practical and sexy. You will save water, energy and of course, heat. We should also underline that many studies have shown that showering together improves the relationship.

3. Use natural fertilizers

One would say, what does this have to do with sex? Well…considering that according to Durex 22% of the people all over the world like to get some action in the garden, it is better that the lawn would be organic.

Statistically “rolling in the hay” demolishes the inhibitions but only if you are not worried about catching some skin disease out of the pesticide treated hay.

4. Choose quality sex toys

Statistically half of the US population is fond of sex toys. Very few know that the large majority of the toys bought in sex shops are produced using phthalates – pesticides known for their ability to make the PVC smoother.

In this case it is better to use sex toys made of glass, metal or silicone. They might be more expensive but they surely are safer and healthier.

5. Exercise

Exercising is part of a green way of life. It is also an aphrodisiac most of us should enjoy more often. There are a lot of exercises which improve the sexual life of men and women. Pilates and yoga for example, are known to train the sexual muscles.

It is common knowledge that people with high muscle tonus are able to perform better sexually. The secret lies in a fit healthy body which by definition is a part of a green life.

6. Choose natural sexual stimulants

Even if you are not vegetarian, when going out try and enjoy herbal or vegetable aphrodisiacs. You can try and enjoy the most famous vegetables and fruits known for their sexual stimulating properties – celery, carrots, red hot pepper, asparagus, ginseng, black pepper or avocado.

The vegetables can help you feel more energetic not to mention that your attitude will be eco friendly. Staying away from meat will help the environment because the meat industry is one of the highest pollutants in the world.


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