Use Less Water for a Greener Living


In case you are going to lead a green lifestyle, you surely have to cut down the water usage, in order to reduce the water waste and your utility bills. Here are few methods that are going to change your habits, when it comes to water usage. Start with the washing of your hands.

brushing teethAs housekeeping goes, don’t forget to wash only on a full load. This goes for the dishwashers too, for they clean more efficiently this way.

Try to avoid the usage of your disposal, instead start a compost pile. This way you will deal with your food waste without using a lot of water.

In case you have a large washing job, fill your sink and wash all the dishes in the same time. The rinsing also should be cut back.  Instead of filling a glass of water every time when you are thirsty, fill a bottle and place it in the fridge.

The bathroom is the other place, where we can put in some changes in order to cut down the water waste. The first thing you should do is to check for toilet leaks. A good Los Angeles-based plumber can help determine if you have any leaks, as well as repair them.

Another issue which should be resolved is the fact that we often use out toilets as a trash can. Do not throw tissues, insects, cigarettes, etc. in the toilet. This will save you about 6 gallons of water per day.

When brushing your teeth, turn the faucet off. This is a very effective way to cut down the waste. Actually by doing this, you are saving 10 gallons of water per day.

The low-flow toilets are very useful, for they cut down the water waste significantly. The flush handle should be replaced, especially if it sticks.

bathroom showerIn case you are having bath tub, better don’t use it often. Instead of bath, take a shower. The shower requires less water compared to the bath.

The water pipes are another thing, which should be taken care of.  Insulating the water pipes guarantees that your water will be hotter faster which cuts down the waste.

Instead of bathing your pets indoors, do it outdoors, for this will water the lawn too. Plant peat moss and put down bark. This way you will water the lawn deep and this will save you hundreds of gallons per month.

A very important thing, when it comes to water saving is to find a utility provider that offers water-saving programs.

Inform yourself about the programs like Saving Water Partnership, which is a very popular utility plan for saving water and cutting down the water waste.


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