The Basic Steps of Green Diet


In case you are going to change the way you eat and you want to start a healthy diet, here are the right steps to do it. Changing the food routine often causes some stress for the body, but if you are eating healthy foods you will see the results quickly.

green dietInclude vegetables in your daily menus. You should eat unlimited non-starchy vegetables. Raw vegetables are better, because they contain more vitamins, but if you can’t eat them, stick to the cooked ones.

The leafy dark green vegetables are a must, because they are high on minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron. These types of vegetables are the kale, the chard, the mustard greens, the collard green and the spinach. Try to include them in your menu at least two times a week.

The drinks are also part of your diet regimen. Forget about the coke, even if it is diet. Avoid fizzy drinks and go for freshly squeezed, home made, fruit juices. The green lemonade is also a popular healthy drink, so consume it without limitations.

The popular green tea is a must in your menu, because it is a valuable antioxidant and contains lots of useful substances.

The fruits are the second important part of your diet. The more fruits you consume, the healthier is the diet you are following. The only limitation, when it comes to fruits is to avoid the very sweet fruits such as bananas.

The consumption of fruits is important for your body, because the fruits contain carbohydrates, which are useful, in case you want to lose some weight.

The seafood is extremely important. By consuming seafood, you are cleansing your body of the bad substances, not to mention that the seafood is rich on omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important for a healthy life. Try to eat sardines and salmon at least once in a week.

The experts recommend cutting the consumption of fried and fast food. Forget about the snacks and the chips, in case you want to change your diet.

Organic food is a must for such a green diet; and so is the limitation of certain food elements. Avoid too salty foods and try to limit the salt to minimum. The sweets also should be reduced. The good news is that a piece of chocolate once in a week is allowed.

Consume more honey, for it is extremely useful and healthy. Don’t forget that nuts are major part of the green diet, so include them too.


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