Solar Powered Cars – The Quest is on


The green world has been developing new strategies for solar powered engines and its main goal is one to create the car of the future, which will be totally green.

Here are few of the most spectacular solar powered concept cars, which are going to hit the markets in a few years. One of the most spectacular concept cars is the YEE Concept car. This vehicle is a revolution in itself, for it is the first solar powered car that is able to fly.

yee concept car

Amazingly, the vehicle is produced to be capable of a fast transformation from car to a flying machine. Its secret is the solar panels that are spread over its roof.

If this doesn’t surprise you then maybe the next one will leave you speechless. The company of Nissan has a major stake, when it comes to green powered cars, but their latest model is just a step into the future. The Nissan iV is produced by Mazda’s designers and it is a model that takes the best from both Mazda and Nissan. The car weighs just 1000 lbs, which is a revolutionary weight for a car with 4 seats.

nissan iv

The company claims that this will be the car of the year 2035, for it is fast, light-weight and totally green. Its parts are made out of photovoltaic materials and the canopy is produced to harvest solar energy.

Nissan iV impresses with its solar generators that provide the car a range of 1200 miles. Another impressive solar powered car is the creation of the famous designer Marian.

So far, the designer is said to be the most popular green designer when it comes to cars.

The AXA solar powered concept car is a super elegant vehicle with an interesting roof made out of photovoltaic panels, which provide the energy to the car’s onboard batteries.

axa solar powered car

The car is said to be one of the most luxurious vehicles that are going to hit the markets very soon. Argentina also has its green contribution to the world. The Argentine designer Leonardo Achilli has made the O2 concept car. It is a car that differs from the others, for it relies on atmospheric carbon dioxide from propulsion and solar energy.

o2 concept car

The O2 is designed to generate hydrocarbons, which will be oozed in the environment. Yet, the top of the list belongs to the Car of Light. This is the car designed by Jong Won Lee and it represents a car that is able to generate renewable electricity, as well as to illuminate the interior with all natural light. The zero-emission concept is another reason why The Car of Light is called the most innovative green powered concept car.


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