Make Pets Live Green – Have a Greener Life


In case you are leading a green lifestyle, your pet can start following a green regime.

Here are few things you can do about it. At first, the flea battle can be done in a greener way. Usually the anti-flea products are made out of harmful toxins, so you can find a better alternative to the conventional pesticides.

dog foodThe organization of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals is developing a non-toxic pet regime, which is very easy to follow.

Their advice is to switch to pet diet and skin care, for this is the first step to green the dog lifestyle. The healthy diet will surely lead to healthy skin, so your dog will not need all the toxic treatments.

Feeding of your dog should be turned into a ritual that will teach your dog to prefer only fresh and healthy food.

For instance, the meat byproducts should be banned from your pet’s menu, for they are artificial and contain lots of bad substances.

The artificial coloring is a major part of the common dog food; therefore buy only foods without preservatives such as coloring. In case you want to teach your dog to follow a green program, you should take care of the treatment for your house and yard.

The flea eggs are often to be seen on the bedding of the dog, so keep a strict hygiene in order to get rid of the fleas.

The cedar-filled beds are a green way to repel fleas, but make sure they are with removable covers. This way you can launder the covers often.

pet bathThe rugs at home should be steam-cleaned more often than before. Forget about the chemicals and the pesticides that prevent fleas.

Try the sticky paper flea traps, for they are harmless for the environment and really work, when it comes to getting rid of the fleas.

The yard should be treated with special methods, in order to keep it green. The beneficial nematodes are tiny worms that can kill fleas and flea eggs. They kill 90 percents of the fleas on the yard, so go for them.

The pet bath is a process that can be greened very easily. Forget the anti-flea shampoos, as well as the pet lotions and all kinds of cosmetic products for your dog.

They contain chemicals, which should be avoided. Instead, buy a simple organic soap and wash your dog normally. The pet bath should be done at least 2 times in a week.


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