Kitchen Energy and How Easily We Waste It


The kitchen is perhaps the highest energy consumer in a standard house. Here are all the major appliances working around the clock and here is the place where the food is cooked.

beer cansThe idea that the fridge consumes less when it is empty is completely wrong. An empty fridge will start the cooling program far more often than one filled with food.

If you are not the type of person who buys supplies for the entire month and your fridge is far from being cool, you can make few adjustments to fill the empty space. Fill the shelves of the fridge with beer or soda cans.

Put the sealed cans that don’t necessarily need cooling in the fridge and the cool air will be cool for longer because of the metal inside the fridge.

Keep in mind that all food going inside the fridge must be at room temperature or you will increase the energy consumption forcing the fridge to cool them.

Make sure you close the fridge door after you look for something inside and move quickly so the cool air won’t get out.

When buying a fridge, make sure you choose one with two separate compressors: one for the cooler and one for the freezer. This way when you go on vacation you can turn off the cooler and leave only the freezer running.

Keep in mind that in order for the freezer to consume less it must be full, so if you lack supplies use ice bags as replacement. The temperature will stay cool for longer and this way less energy will be consumed.

During summer use oven as less as possible. Using it will increase the kitchen air temperature not only in the kitchen but also in the entire home. If you have an air conditioning installation working it will consume a lot of energy trying to cool the air and get it to the right temperature.

When you use the oven, open the oven door as rarely as possible. Each time you open the oven the interior temperature drops suddenly which increases the durations of food preparation.

When you make coffee or tea, heat only the amount of water you use. Measure it with the same cup you will use to drink. This way you will save energy, water and time.

Cooking can be eco friendly too, and in the mean time friendly to you pocket as well. For example, the covered pots boil faster than those left uncovered. The time needed for the food to boil will decrease drastically if you use a pressure cooker.


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