Humans – A Viable Source of Green Energy


The science has reached a high level, especially in the past few years, but what really surprises is the fact that human body can be used as a battery. It sounds odd, but it is a fact, especially for few Parisian scientists that invented an unusual way to power the metro.

Their idea is quite simple – they installed an experimental heating system in a public housing project. This heating system will have a very strange source of energy- the human bodies in the nearby Metro station.

heat from human bodies

They are the source, which will power the heating system. The human body generates more bio-electricity than a 120-volt battery and over 25,000 BTU’s of body heat. It is a well known fact, so the scientists decided to use it for heating of nearly 17 apartments.

The body heat is actually efficient and its usage cuts the carbon emission by a third compared to a boiler heating system. If the project of the Parisians is released, it will also change the modern way of heating.

In case you think this news is too strange, here is another: Urine can also generate power. Yes, our excrements are source of clean energy, believe it or not. The news came from UK, where the chemist Shanwen Tao is trying to create a cell that simply turns the urine to energy. The urine contains urea, which is a special component able to provide energy generation.

generating energy from human waste

Another good factor that can turn our urine into an energy generator is the chemical composition of the urine. The development of the UK scientist isn’t yet ready, but what matters is his invention that by adding the urine into a fuel cell generates a chemical reaction. That reaction can power the battery.

This progressive news can be compared with odd news, this time about our poo. The so called poo power is discovered by California based Orange County Sanitation District`s researchers that discovered a fuel cell that turns the human waste into hydrogen fuel.

Their invention is developing so far, but we know it is going to work soon. In case you think that’s all from the human body, you are wrong.

The blood and the sweat can also be used as energy sources. Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are trying to create a battery that is able to turn the electrolytes from our blood and sweat into a battery fuel.


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