Green Energy – What Happened in 2010 and What to Expect in 2011


2010 is clearly a year that has changed a lot of things in this matter. The improvement of the green technology came with the IBM invention. The company has created an affordable solar cell made out of dirt cheap materials. The big news is that this cell is able to hit an efficiency of 9.6 percent, which is a record compared to all other experiments in this matter.

Last year brought the so called see-through glass Solar Window. It is an invention of New Energy Technologies and it represents the first glass window in the world that is able to generate electricity.

green energy

This is possible thanks to the usage of the world’s smallest working organic cells, which are presented by Dr. Xiaomei Jiang from the University of South Florida. In case you think the most innovative projects were made only by small teams, you are probably wrong.

One big company also made a progress with its invention – The Flower Power. The Sony Company has surprised the world as they presented the new DSSC’s created for energy generating windows. Sony has made an innovation with these amazing designer solar panels that are made as a screen.

Australia also has given us something really impressive. The national science agency has developed a unique technology, which generates electricity only with sunlight. Their system is going to work in areas that face acute water shortages.

The new technologies for green energy are giving us an optimistic expectation for the New Year 2011. The trends for the new renewable energy companies are promising and full of hopes that we are going to use only green energy in a couple of years.

solar energy

Yet the 2011 is going to be the year in which building efficiency will be a part of the “sales conversation”. As a consumer you should start asking more questions about the energy consumption and choose companies that are presenting a green source. The geothermal and solar energy are also among the possibilities as they grew in the last year.

The specialists are clear that the trend in 2010 was one – low prices of the effective green energy sources. The next year will open many opportunities for the business and the renewable sources will be the biggest part of the energy market.

Therefore, as consumers we shall start seeking companies that are offering affordable, efficient and green energy. The future of this sector is already set, thanks to the major steps that were made in 2010.


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