Fitness Regime – Time to Go Green


The word fitness sounds green enough. It shows that you are already an eco-friendly person. But you can make it still better.

Green fitness is all about the choices you make when you work out. Here is some advice that will make your fitness regime greener and of course, healthier.

green fitnessAt first, if you are working out in a gym, you should know that this isn’t the greenest way to do it. Gym membership is usually expensive, but it is also wasteful, when it comes to the amount of energy used to power the lights, music, fitness devices, etc.

Instead of working out in a gym, try to do it in the nature. Outdoor fitness is lot more pleasant and fun than working out indoors; biking, walking and running are better workouts, so don’t hesitate to include them in your fitness regime.

Staying hydrated is an important part of exercising; therefore you probably buy bottled water to take with you, while training. This is a common mistake lot of people make.

Instead of buying a plastic bottle each time you go to exercise, take a reusable bottle. This is a green solution that will save you money and it will keep the nature clean because this way you will reduce the plastic that ends up in the landfill.

Nowadays there are companies producing stainless steel bottles in order to avoid the plastic ones. You can try out these as well.

drinking waterThere is another thing that can be changed when it comes to greener fitness – the workout clothing.

Perhaps you already have workout clothes but the chances are that they are not eco-friendly.

There is a company that offers eco friendly workout clothing. Patagonia is an innovative young producer of fitness clothes. Recently they launched a recycling program which is very interesting.

This program offers the clients recycling of their old Patagonia brand clothes, which are later used for creating new products for purchase.

In case you are going to exercise with special equipment, there is another green decision about it – just borrow the equipment.

You can do the same with the fitness DVDs. Instead of buying them, borrow or rent them, for this will help you cut down on waste.

Lastly, if you are not an outdoor fitness person, do your trainings at home. It is also a green way, especially if you are not using the same amount energy as in the gym.


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