Water Purification Method – From Challenge to Cost


The water purification technology is developing day after day. Nowadays almost anyone has a home filtration system. There are many ways to purify your water today, so here are few of the most successful ways to consume pure and healthier water. One of the oldest methods is distillation. Actually it is a method that is often recommendable, especially if you are having babies at home.

water purifier

Distillation kills all the bad microbes in the water and makes it pure. The water filters are also a good way to kill the bad bacteria in the water, but you should choose the right filter.

filtered waterNowadays the most common water filters are equipped with artificial purifiers, but some of them can leave the minerals behind.

This causes an acid pH, so consult well with a specialist before choosing the right water purification system.

The so called eco water purifications are very good, but they are expensive. The good news is that there is already an affordable eco water purification system that is powered by solar energy.

A group of students in the University of Washington invented a low-cost water disinfection system that runs only with solar energy.

The setup is very useful for disinfecting the water, especially in poor areas or in places, where the water isn’t very clean. The device is going to be sold for 20$, which is a fair price for such an invention.


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