Toshiba Biblio Leaf – The Green E-Reader


In case you are wondering whether the e-Reading is green enough, the answer is yes, especially if you choose the right company producing the e-Reading gadgets.

Recently there are many innovations in this direction, but according to the last researches, the e-Reading is 140 times more green then a printed newspaper. The CO2 emissions from a newspaper are exactly 140 times more than its electronic counterpart.

biblio leaf reader

So, the e-Reading has lots of advantages for the green lovers. The e-readers have another reason to love Toshiba’s latest gadget, but what matters is that this is the company that finally achieved something very important for the green lovers that love to read their books in an electronic variant.

Kindle revolutionized the concept as a bestseller. Nook from Barnes and Noble added the color option and iPad created a new and daring challenge along the e-Reading option.

The portable technology is a miracle, but there is often a problem associated with it: you can’t always get power supply for it, especially when you are traveling.

This seems to be no longer a problem for Toshiba’s Biblio Leaf eReader. The secret of Biblio Leaf is in its base, which contains a small solar cell that allows recharging the device anywhere you get sunlight.

Another of the Biblio’s bonuses is the six-inch e-ink display, which is an improvement compared to other e-Reading items. As for the connectivity, the company producer made its best to offer 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a stylus.

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The Biblio Lead eReader is equipped with two gigs of onboard storage and if you think that’s not enough, the device supports SD cards, which means you can pack in up to 3000 books!

This amazing e-Reading device will be available on the Japanese market and will be part of a contract for 3G service, but soon it will be released for the U.S. market too. The good news is that its price will be quite affordable – only $20 per month, which is surprisingly a low price for such a device.

Many e-readers are concerned about the charging process. Biblio Leaf has a good and eco-friendly design in this matter. It takes 12 hours in full sun to recharge the batteries and you can put into 2 hours of use. Perhaps the solar panels are slow, when it comes to recharging, but this device is surely better than the others, because it takes less time to power the batteries. The Biblio Leaf is surely the smartest choice of e-Readers on the market and it will please any environmentalist.


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