The Green Buildings – What Are They All About?


Generally, constructing a green building is seen as a very expensive adventure. According to a recent study from World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the costs for a green building will rise to 300% over the cost of a standard one in spite of the fact that so far the cost increase was estimated only at 17 %.

green buildingAll over the world, the architects and engineers endeavor in such daring project with the purpose of making the public more receptive to the alternative options for building a house. The results of their work are futuristic works of art whose purpose is to make the best of living comfortably and protecting the environment.

A green building is a building that uses resources efficiently whether those resources are energy, water or building materials. It improves human health by improving the air.

Under the circumstances that show the standard buildings as being some of the major pollutants in the world, the green building can be more that just an attempt to make a better world.

More and more daring projects are considered by the large building companies because, in spite of the higher price, the market encourages the immobile trend to follow a “greener” approach towards building investments.

New Green Tower from Miami looks like a giant piece of Swiss cheese because of the uniform holes in the shell that covers the building. The shell is actually an exoskeleton and consists of a structure that isolates the building sustaining the turbines that offer shade and a natural ventilation.

The sky–scraper is 116 meter tall. It is the daring result of a creative cooperation from Chad Oppenheim (architecture and design), Buro Happold and Ysreal Seinuk from energy consultancy.

The building that cost 40 million dollars incorporates residential space as well as commercial space. The price of the residential space is rising from 400000 dollars per apartment to 1 million dollars/commercial space.

The green technologies are the wind turbines, photovoltaic panels and solar water heating. As a plus the floors are made of recycled glass and bamboo.

The designers hoped that this amazing architectural piece would attract tenants with a taste for green lifestyle and they were not wrong because nowadays more and more corporate enterprises choose to conduct their businesses in eco friendly buildings.


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