The Basics of Self Sustaining Living


In the 21st century green lifestyle has become a must for many people. The sustainable living is now a term that marks a lifestyle that can be sustained without exhausting natural resources.

The secret of the self-sustainable living is very simple. This is a lifestyle that saves the natural resources, keeps the environment clean and tries to produce everything in a sustainable way. Nowadays there are farms dedicated to sustainable living. Self sufficiency is an important strategy, in case you want to live green.

organic farming

It is no surprise that many people have left the towns and changed their location, in order to find better places and to live in harmony with the nature. This is the first step if you want to start sustainable living.

The self sustaining living concept includes lots of things. Organic farming, building a green home and using green energy are just some of these things. According to the statistics, there is already an impressive number of families that have switched to this concept.

It is also a philosophy, because living green doesn’t include material goods. Living simple and keeping the nature clean is a must, in case you want to lead such a lifestyle.

Start by changing your home. In case you can’t leave the town and find a home near the nature, you can simply change few things around the house. Invest in solar panels, in case you are living in a location, where the winter isn’t very cold.

solar panels

In case the winter days are raw, simply buy a diesel generator. Collect barrels of waste vegetable oil from the local restaurant. You can use it as a fuel, in order to run the diesel generator and power your home.

Use public transportation, in case you are living far from your workplace, but in case you are not so far, simply get a bicycle. Make sure you are recycling in the right way. Consider re-usage as the best option.

Consume only organic foods. Organic farming is a main step to the self sufficient living. Create your own farm and grow vegetables and fruits. Many people are creating their own animal farms, in order to produce and consume organic meat.

Check out the certificated eco foods, in order to be updated about what is really organic and what isn’t. Above all, remember that saving the eco resources and keeping them clean are the first steps to a self sustaining living.


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