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green building

The Green Buildings – What Are They All About?

Generally, constructing a green building is seen as a very expensive adventure. According to a recent study from World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the costs for a green building will rise to 300% over the cost of a standard one in spite of the fact that so far the cost increase was estimated only […]

organic farming

The Basics of Self Sustaining Living

In the 21st century green lifestyle has become a must for many people. The sustainable living is now a term that marks a lifestyle that can be sustained without exhausting natural resources. The secret of the self-sustainable living is very simple. This is a lifestyle that saves the natural resources, keeps the environment clean and […]

organic christmas food

Christmas – Celebrate the Organic Way

Christmas is surely a time of enjoyment and fun, but in case you are a green lover, you can turn Christmas into a green feast. Start with the presents. Choose only eco-friendly gifts or create them by yourself.  Avoid the typical packages and wrap the presents with eco-friendly materials. Use a nice scarf, newspapers or […]

Mobile Phone Recycle

Mobile Phone Recycling

One of the most serious and growing environmental concerns is that of the mounting problem of industrial waste; it is a problem that has grown with the rise in personal electronics, most obviously, mobile phones. This is why it is important to recycle mobile phones. Most people have never recycled a mobile phone which has […]

piezo tree

Piezoelectric Tree – a Simple Way to Create Electricity

There are many ideas for creating sustainable, green electricity. The green lifestyle requires new eco friendly sources of energy and there are many people working in this direction. Here is one of these ideas, often labeled as strange and odd, but yet very creative and practical. The idea is based on the principle of the […]

carbon footprint

What Is The Carbon Foot Print Of A Corporate Audit?

The large companies have instated a system of integrated management that requires constant internal and external auditing meant to make sure that the company follows the rules and regulations according to the internal work order and the laws in force. An interesting fact is that in spite of the strategy that allows auditing committees verify […]

christmas decoration

Have You a Merry, Eco Christmas

It’s already Christmas time, so it is time to turn your feast into a green celebration. In case you are a green lover, here are few steps how to turn your Christmas into an eco feast. The first step is to decide about the traditional greetings cards. Many green lovers prefer to send electronic cards […]

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The Change in the Economy Prompts a Greener Approach

The economy has forced many business owners and managers to look closely at their costs over the last eighteen months. The easy options in terms of reducing costs are the obvious ones; staff and infrastructure. However, it has been interesting to see that a number of organizations have taken the opportunity to go further. Every […]

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DIY – Home Energy Audit

Saving energy isn’t only sustainable and eco-friendly, it is also useful, because this will cut your energy bills. There is plenty of advice on how to save up some energy, but perhaps one of the most important things is the energy audit of your home. You can do it by yourself and you will see […]