Organic Dry Cleaning – A Reality


The green dry-cleaning isn’t a myth. It is an option for many people that care for the environment and seek new ways for improving their green life style.

organic drycleaning

In case you want to try the green dry cleaning, just research about the options you have. Make sure you have organic dry cleaners in your area and research more about them. The principle of the green dry cleaning is simple – the cleaning process is done using carbon dioxide. It is a lot greener way to dry clean your clothes.

organic dry cleaningThe common dry cleaners use PERC, which is extremely harmful. Its usage can cause several diseases, including nausea, irritation of the skin, dizziness, etc.

The PERC in high doses can lead to kidney damage and cancer. Therefore, choose the organic dry cleaner.

Be careful, because many dry cleaners use a hydro-carbon solvent called DF-2000. It is not that harmful as the PERC, but it is polluting for the environment.

So, always ask the dry cleaners about their cleaning process and choose only those that are certified as being organic.

They usually turn back your dress clean and in a green package. Of course, don’t forget to ‘recycle’ the hangers back to the shop.


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