Infrared Sauna – The Green Choice


In case you are a green lover and want to include sauna in your activities, go for sauna with infrared energy. Sauna is a Finnish experience and it is already part of our culture, but the traditional sauna models aren’t exactly green and eco friendly. Therefore, the new infrared saunas are the perfect choice for anyone concerned about the environment.

infrared sauna

The infrared saunas have many advantages. At first, they are better when held in solar heat and use a solar powered energy, which is the cleanest source of energy. Unlike the conventional sauna models which use conventional energy and are extremely wasteful, the infrared sauna is said to be a model that is totally energy wastage free.

In case you are wondering about the sauna effect of these infrared models, you will be surprised. Actually the new models apply the infrared solar heat directly to the body and offer a more intense experience.

The result is a lot more pleasing. In the infrared sauna the body releases more highly concentrated sweat, which is a lot healthier. This way the body detoxifies faster, not to mention you are losing weight more intense than in a conventional sauna.

infra red sauna

There are many health benefits of using the infrared sauna. Therefore, many people are choosing the new models of the sauna and many install them at home. Another advantage of using the infrared sauna is that they are easier to maintain, for they don’t need rocks to keep the heat source going.

There are many infrared models on the market, but you should research well about the eco certificates of these models. In case the infrared sauna you are going to buy, isn’t certificated, don’t buy it.

One of the biggest producers of infrared saunas is the company of Sauna Works. Their models are certificated to the Forest Stewardship Council, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certifications.

These three certificates are the only official standards regarding infrared sauna models, so you should always search for them, when buying new models of sauna. Another advantage of choosing the models of Sauna Works is that their entire working process is eco certificated.

This means even the distribution of the new models, as well as the delivery process to your home is eco friendly one. The company’s basic model is the Clear light Infrared sauna that is the first infrared sauna 100 percent eco certificated.


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