Have You a Merry, Eco Christmas


It’s already Christmas time, so it is time to turn your feast into a green celebration. In case you are a green lover, here are few steps how to turn your Christmas into an eco feast.

The first step is to decide about the traditional greetings cards. Many green lovers prefer to send electronic cards via email, because the traditional cards require recycling and some of them can’t be recycled. Therefore, choose the electronic cards with personalized messages.

The very next step is to think well about the Christmas decoration. The traditional one is harmful and it pollutes the environment. Don’t use any plastic Christmas decoration and consider creating your own decoration as a very good idea. Reusing is also an option for creating a festive decoration.

christmas decoration

You can research online about eco decorations made out of reused items. In case you are too busy to do it, simply go to the nearest eco store and you will see thousands of Christmas toys and decorations. You can purchase decorations online at the Eco-Artware online shop.

christmas bells

For instance, there you can find decorative bells made out of aluminum oxygen canisters. These are bells created by the artist Jeff Clapp, a famous green designer.

The traditional Christmas lights are also a problem. Instead of choosing the old style light bulbs, go for LED lights. They are energy savers as they use 90 percent less energy compared to the traditional lights. The candles are also welcome, but go for soy, wax or bee wax candles.

christmas lights

Christmas is also time for shopping and gifts. The green experts advise to avoid shopping new bags for Christmas presents.

christmas gift packThe presents packages have always been an issue for the green activists, for they are not quite eco friendly.

In order to avoid this problem, simply pack your presents in ordinary gift wrapping or create a packing by yourself.

Use your imagination and pack your presents with newspapers or pages from magazines.

A beautiful scarf is also a sustainable decision. Think about the presents and buy alternative Christmas gifts.

They can be gift certificates to charitable organizations. The Christmas tree is a must, but you should choose genuine Christmas trees.

They can be burned or turned into compost. Buying a Christmas tree with roots is also a good idea, for you can replant into the ground and reuse it the next year.


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