Green Ski Trip – Go for It


There are many things that we love, when you are on a winter vacation, but surely one of the things we don’t know is to spend our vacation in a green way.

ski equipmentPerhaps you think skiing and any other winter sport are green and good, because we are outside, surrounded by fresh air and nature. This isn’t exactly so. Ski resorts are often very harmful, so you should do some things to “green” your vacation.

The ski lifts require lots of energy to run. The resorts need electricity to heat and light the lodge, so their owners really should think about clean resource of energy.

The mountain tops, where most of the ski resorts are located are appropriate places for wind turbines or micro hydropower systems.

Recently many green resorts are installing these systems, for they are a sustainable source of energy. The wind turbines’ advantages are well known by everyone, so you should check out the resort energy source. If it is equipped with a wind turbine, then this should be your resort.

The snow-making process is also harmful and not exactly green. Almost any resort is using man-made snow, even if the winter brings a regular snowfall. The process of creating artificial snow requires a huge amount of water. If the water is diverted from waterways or local streams, this will have a large impact on the fish in the area.

The best decisions are building a reservoir and collect water from the rain. Your gear also needs to be green. If you want to reduce the usage of raw material, you should rent your ski equipment.

There are many companies that are offering eco-friendly ski equipment, so if you want to purchase your own ski gear, research about their green producers.

skiingChoosing the right spot is also a question that you should consider well. In case there is a good ski resort in your area, you better choose it, for this will cut down the carbon emissions from driving long distances.

In case there is no green resort close to your place, choose only green resorts.

If you don’t have time for web searching, here are some of the best green resorts in the country. Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in Hancock, Mass is praised as the best green resort and offers all kind of winter sports.

The Steamboat Ski Resort in Colorado is also a very good rated resort, so don’t hesitate to visit it. In case you want to go Canada, choose the Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort, located in British Columbia.


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