Don’t Forget to Recycle After the Holidays


Holidays are fun and very much expected in spite of all the fuss and cash expenses that come with them. Winter holidays are certainly the occasion for the top consumer in us to step forward and spend on various items that we may or may not use.

If we like the festive air, it means we would buy a tree, a whole lot of presents, would put a lot of lights on display and of course cook a lot of traditional food.

recyclingAll the above are perfectly natural for any home with a taste for Christmas. Still the green trend encourages us to be responsible.

Recycling after the holidays should come natural considering the amount of garbage produced by every house.

So instead of simply throwing away the large majority of stuff remaining from the celebration we should definitely recycle.

Paper wrapping should not be thrown away. Instead of adding to the garbage collected after the holidays, it should be recycled. If you say that it is not worth it since you got very few gifts, think again.

You can also recycle cardboard boxes, tissues, envelopes and paper bags from all the shopping you did.

The non recyclable items you use can be kept for future reusing. Keep the tin foil wrapping, the bows and metal boxes and use them when the occasion rises.

christmas wasteIf you choose a real Christmas tree you should know that it can be easily recycled. All the major cities have special centers that can turn the tree in compost and use it for future fertilization.

However if you choose to get rid of the plastic Christmas tree you bought a few years ago, you should know that it is not a good idea to throw it away.

Simply deliver it to a plastic recycle facility, together with the other plastic items like bottles and boxes you may want to get rid of after the holidays.

A large majority of people tend to overdo the food shopping and preparation for the holidays.

Be generous and do the right thing by donating any food you have to spare to the community food centers. It would be a wise and green action that would also allow you to keep the holiday spirit alive.

If you buy clothing and shoes for your dear ones consider donating the old items to collecting centers that provide for the poor. Instead of bagging and sending them to the landfill, offer them to help those in need. Remember the holiday spirit and act smartly for environment and society.


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