Divide the Waste for Efficient Recycling


Until every consumer or company considers the ecology as something mandatory, we are responsible to act wisely and set up a trend that would improve the Earth’s odds of survival.

recyclingRecycling is actually behaving like any other mechanism the human society embraced over the years. There are simple and cheap methods to recycle the waste of a household and you can start by placing the things you throw away in the proper recycling category.

Our waste can be easily divided into organic, recyclable and non recyclable:

1. Organic

The organics include the food waste – the likes of everyday “leftovers”, meat, dairy, cereals, rotten fruit and vegetable that we buy but not eat. Basically anything coming from an animal or plant can be considered as organic waste. The beauty of such a waste is that it decomposes quickly and does not hurt the environment.

2. Recyclable

Recyclable waste contains materials like plastic, paper, glass and metal. For this type of waste, there are recycling centers all over the globe. So before you get rid of them and send them in a landfill, you have to consider taking them to such a center. Use the items for as long as you can and then make sure you recycle.

3. Non Recyclable

Non recyclable waste is not organic. It cannot be recycled easily and currently is the largest quantity of waste in any country of the world. This waste is mainly composed of electrical household appliances, toys, games and objects made from several types of materials. If these things would be taken apart, they would be easier to recycle. However before they get into the landfill they can be donated to be reused by other people or they can simply be put to use for something else.

If we take the time to divide and separate our garbage the planet would be a lot cleaner. As a consumer society, the human kind has yet to take on the responsibility of watching carefully what remains behind.

If we do not get smart we will just be another addition to a huge, planet sized, garbage bin.


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