Christmas – Celebrate the Organic Way


Christmas is surely a time of enjoyment and fun, but in case you are a green lover, you can turn Christmas into a green feast.

Start with the presents. Choose only eco-friendly gifts or create them by yourself.  Avoid the typical packages and wrap the presents with eco-friendly materials. Use a nice scarf, newspapers or magazine’s pages.

organic christmas food

The Christmas dinner is one of the most important parts of the celebration. The decoration of the table also matters. Forget the electric light bulbs and add some festive atmosphere by lighting candles. Bring out the old candelabra and enjoy the intimate ambient.

Don’t hesitate to choose local organic food and drinks. By buying organic foods you are not only supporting the local farms, but you are also consuming healthy and green food. In case you are wondering about the recipes, there are plenty of green Christmas recipes. The vegetarians will surely enjoy a Christmas without meat.

Check out the local stores for some organic foods, which you can’t find at the local farms. The online green stores are a good decision, but you should purchase them early.

In case you want to be sure that your meat is organic, look for Soil Association accreditation, which is a guarantee that you are buying meat with high standards for the animal welfare and without pesticides and fertilizers. The festive dinner table is a must, but don’t serve the food on disposable plates and cups. Go for green plates or borrow some extra crockery from the neighbors.

christmas drinks

The drinks are a concern for many green lovers, but this is no longer a problem, if you are choosing to buy organic wine. The wine shops are lending boxes of wine glasses, so you can take the supplies from them.

The Christmas nibbles too are no longer a problem. Most of the health food stores and organic suppliers offer organic dips and pates. You can even find some exotic organic foods like hummus with chopped fresh herbs. The organic chips and the vegetable sticks should find a place on the dinner table.

In case you are not a big fan of the wine, you can find organic beer. It is made from hops and organic malt. The organic spirits are good option too, but you can only find them in some special green stores.

For instance, the organic vodka is made out of organic raw materials, while the non-organic one is made from grain, which includes pesticides and artificial fertilizers.


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