8 Craziest Public Transportation And Commuting Ideas


—From city-wide zip lines to personal flying devices

No more imagining how you’ll commute to work in 10 or 20 years – We’ve got the futuristic designs that could be your mode of transportation in a couple of decades!

1. Kolelinia City Zipline

Created by Bulgarian architect Martin Angelov, the Kolelinia concept is a network of cables strung high above the city skyline to transport people from one place to another.

kolelinia city zipline

Originally conceived as a way to move cyclists from Point A to Point B, Kolelinia has morphed into a method for people with battery powered backpacks to travel from one place to another.

What fun it would be to fly above the city using low-power, weightless method of transport. Though still in the concept stage, it has amazing potential to change our car-driven society, to something more sustainable for the daily commute.

2. Velo-City

Another bizarre form of commuting transportation, Velo-City is a concept that hopes to have a home in the city of Toronto, ON. It’s elevated bikeways enclosed in tubes that allow cyclists to move from place to place within the city safely and quickly.

velo city

Separated by direction of travel, the bikeway tubes would create natural tail winds through dynamic air circulation, adding to the attraction for cyclists.

3. Taxius Animalus

If taxis are more your thing but you’re worried about the commuting emissions related to single-vehicle travel, then check out these futuristic electric taxis called the Taxius Animalus.

taxius animalus

Still in the early design stages, this concept vehicle can use electric power to transport people around town. It’s made of touch fabric and other lightweight materials to further diminish its need for fuel. Fun!

4. Wheel Rider

Another concept vehicle, this one designed by Yuji Fujimura, the Wheel Rider is a fantastical personal transportation device that could be rolling down the road in the coming years.

wheel rider

Designed for Yamaha, this futuristic commuting vehicle is one giant wheel with a driver seat and room for storage.

5. Capella Folding Electric Bike

Designed by Truong Minh Nhat, this lightweight, electric bike becomes compact when you fold it up so that you can take it almost anywhere for a convenient, sustainable commute.

folding electric bike

Though it’s still in the design phase as well, Truong hopes to eventually make it mass marketable so that anyone who wants can own one.

6. BMW Halbo Personal Commuter

Yet another personal electric bike option with style, the BMW Halbo was created to move like a motorcycle but use much less energy and be much more nimble.

bmw halbo personal commuter

Made with a small front wheel and a larger rear wheel, this is vehicle is half the size of a regular motorcycle and powered by plugging it into the wall outlet.

7. UK Subway Tube For Cyclists

Though started originally as a way for cyclists to commute during a recently London subway system strike, the “Bike Tube” continues to be open to cyclists in London looking for safer routes to work.

uk subway( Photo by Thomas Euler )

With five different routes throughout the city, cyclists can buddy up – experienced cyclists with newbie’s – to get downtown with minimal effort or trouble. It’s a new way of cycling to work.

8. Dahon Folding Bike

If you’ve ever wanted to get to and from work on a bike, but need to ride part of the way on the bus or the rapid transit train, then why not try a folding bike like the Dahon. These folding bikes can be collapsed to fit in your vehicle’s trunk or carried with you on the bus.

dahon folding bike

Portable bikes are lightweight, easy to pack up, and make the sustainable commute much more possible than ever before. It’s like something from the future, isn’t it?


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