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water purifier

Water Purification Method – From Challenge to Cost

The water purification technology is developing day after day. Nowadays almost anyone has a home filtration system. There are many ways to purify your water today, so here are few of the most successful ways to consume pure and healthier water. One of the oldest methods is distillation. Actually it is a method that is […]

biblio leaf reader

Toshiba Biblio Leaf – The Green E-Reader

In case you are wondering whether the e-Reading is green enough, the answer is yes, especially if you choose the right company producing the e-Reading gadgets. Recently there are many innovations in this direction, but according to the last researches, the e-Reading is 140 times more green then a printed newspaper. The CO2 emissions from […]

solar panels

Can’t Afford to Buy Solar Panels? Consider Leasing

The green brigades all over the world love to recommend green energy options which are cleaner, and in the long run, cheaper too. Still it may not be cheaper to create the infrastructure to avail green energy. Solar energy is cheaper to use but installing a solar panel is definitely not cheap. The initial expenses […]

hydraponic gardening

Faster, Smarter and Greener Equals Hydroponics Gardening

Many people, when hearing the word hydroponics, picture in their mind a garden suspended over water with very little chances of growth. However along this type of gardening called nutrient film technique, several other types of hydroponics have been developed with the sole purpose of perfecting a faster, more ecological growth. There are many types […]


Don’t Forget to Recycle After the Holidays

Holidays are fun and very much expected in spite of all the fuss and cash expenses that come with them. Winter holidays are certainly the occasion for the top consumer in us to step forward and spend on various items that we may or may not use. If we like the festive air, it means […]


Divide the Waste for Efficient Recycling

Until every consumer or company considers the ecology as something mandatory, we are responsible to act wisely and set up a trend that would improve the Earth’s odds of survival. Recycling is actually behaving like any other mechanism the human society embraced over the years. There are simple and cheap methods to recycle the waste […]

infrared sauna

Infrared Sauna – The Green Choice

In case you are a green lover and want to include sauna in your activities, go for sauna with infrared energy. Sauna is a Finnish experience and it is already part of our culture, but the traditional sauna models aren’t exactly green and eco friendly. Therefore, the new infrared saunas are the perfect choice for […]

ski equipment

Green Ski Trip – Go for It

There are many things that we love, when you are on a winter vacation, but surely one of the things we don’t know is to spend our vacation in a green way. Perhaps you think skiing and any other winter sport are green and good, because we are outside, surrounded by fresh air and nature. […]

organic drycleaning

Organic Dry Cleaning – A Reality

The green dry-cleaning isn’t a myth. It is an option for many people that care for the environment and seek new ways for improving their green life style. In case you want to try the green dry cleaning, just research about the options you have. Make sure you have organic dry cleaners in your area […]

public transportation

8 Craziest Public Transportation And Commuting Ideas

See how you’ll commute in 10 years with these futuristic ways to get to work.