The Many Advantages Of Green Assisted Living!


There are many elders who find it difficult to live alone but don’t really need to be in a hospital and green assisted living gives them a great alternative. Green assisted living not only helps take care of the needs of the elderly but also provides them with a better living environment that has been enriched with green options.

green assisted livingAn assisted living facility should have all the facilities to make the elderly person’s life comfortable and even luxurious for those who can afford it.

A luxury facility would include luxurious lawns, orchard, swimming pool, spa, walking trail, recreation facilities, herb, vegetable and flower garden and similar other facilities.

A green assisted living facility would ascertain that they follow green practices that are environmentally sustainable.

An organic kitchen garden that grows fruits and vegetables for the residents of a green assisted living facility would be another great green idea.

There are many assisted living facilities that can help the elderly lead a comfortable life. Many of these advocate green lifestyles to enhance the quality of life. Some well known green assisted living can offer the best in elderly care but also a lesson in how the environment should be treated.

The Center for Ageless Living in Tom&eacute is one such example. It has everything and more a person would desire for a comfortable and luxurious life in the old age. It is the pioneer in assisted living and also among the first to offer a green assisted living with all desirable luxuries.

It has a beautifully landscaped area of six acres that includes an orchard, lily pool, herb and vegetable garden, gazebos, swimming pool, saloon, yoga, exercise studio, walking trail, education-learning center and spa facilities among other features. The facility believes in green living and thus follows green practices in every aspect.

The swimming pool is not chlorinated; instead it uses bromine and ozonization for disinfection. The facility also has a living wall which uses any excess water from the treatment plant. They are also planning on an organic garden which will provide organically grown vegetables and other produces for the residents.

There are many assisted living facilities that can make the twilight of life comfortable. Some of these offer short term assistance, but most offer a luxurious assisted living alternative for the elderly. A few of them also offer independent living for those who would like to retire there but still live an independent life.

Morningside of Gallatin, Sterling House of Goodletsville, Atria Elizabethtown, Pennington Place, Morningside of Springfield and Campbell LnBowling Green are a few of the assisted living centers in Tennessee which so far is the trend setter for green assisted living.


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