Recycled Gifts Are The Most Unusual Way To Bring Up A Smile!


What does soda can tabs, keyboard keys, used chopsticks, newspapers, measuring tapes, soda pop tops etc have in common? They can all be reused and recycled to make attractive items that you can use and give away as recycled gifts too.

recycled giftsEvery possible thing can be recycled to make great articles for daily use. They can be weaved into exotic looking shoulder bags, totes, purses, wallets and clutches.

Something as obscure as the telephone wire can be used to make beautiful bowls and baskets.

Vinyl Records can be turned into chic looking bowls for your dining table.

Every one of these products have an individuality of their own and they tell you, that you have been tempted in buying or giving recycled gifts, doing your bit to help the green cause.

Things like transit tokens and typewriter keys can be and have been used to make elegant bracelets, key chains, and cuff links. Old gears, circuit boards, recycled cardboards can be transformed into beautiful clocks, watches, and wall decorations. You can pick up almost everything and create interesting and usable articles out of them so you can truly create wealth out of waste.

The possibilities are limitless; the only limit here is your creativity. The most obscure of things that are destined for the land fills can be transformed into a beautiful article of desire with a little creativity. Table tops, desk top items, mouse pads, platters, lamps, purses, vases and much more can be created out of waste materials and given as recycled gifts.

Newspaper and paper are very versatile waste that can be converted into almost any object that one may think of. Be it artifacts, vases, baskets, jewelry, bracelets, purses, handbags or clutches, every one of these can be made out of recycles and reused paper. Even candy wrappers can be used to make elegant handbags.

Soda pop tops are used in the most unusual way using crocheting techniques. Purses, clutches, backpacks of every possible shape and size are being made of soda pop tops and they are beautiful. Some of the designs can easily rival the so called designer purses that are available in the market.

So, think recycle, think reuse, think natural, think green, and think recycled gifts. Give a gift that shows you care. By using recycled gifts this Holiday season, give a gift that will make the recipients think and act green.


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