Organic Medicine – Good Or Bad?


In 21st century organic is an often used word, even when it comes to medicine. Organic medicine is a new branch, when it comes to modern medicine, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t a useful branch. Actually many people don’t make a difference between organic medicine and herbal medicine, but there is a slight difference between these two.

herbal medicineAccording to the World Health Organization, nearly 4 billion people are using herbal medicine, which doesn’t include organic medicine.

Herbal medicines are prepared from plants for their medicinal value, while organic medicines are prepared by organic means.

This clarifies that organic isn’t exactly herbal medicine. For instance, nowadays the organic vitamins are very popular, for their ingredients. They are made from whole food vitamins and minerals, which are essential for life.

In this matter, the organic medicines are often classified as micronutrients, because the human body needs them in small amounts compared to nutrients like water, protein and fat.

The organic vitamins contain a synthetic vitamin that is produced in laboratory and it is made out of isolated chemicals, found in the nature.

The problem with the organic medicine, as well as with the herbal medicine is that they are not FDA approved. Most of the organic medicines are offered as dietary supplements and they can be consumed without a prescription. But no one really can say that it is always safe.

According to a recent research, the production of organic medicine is growing and the lack of a standard in this matter will be a problem. There is also a very modern practice – the herbal organic farms, where organic herbals are grown to be extracted and used for their medicinal values.

organic medicineOrganically grown plants and herbals are praised to be better than any other herbal or natural medicines, for they contain eco extracts, which cannot be synthesized in any laboratory.

Therefore, many people have turned to organic medicine, for it is a natural and better way to prevent diseases. According to the producers of organic medicines, they help prevent stress, discomfort, and headaches and mostly, they are perfect for those people who live a healthy life.

In case you are wondering about the side effects of these medicines, alas, no manufacturer has an obligation to provide a warning.

So far, consuming organic medicines, as well as herbal medicines remains a healthy choice, but you should consider consulting with your doctor before taking those medicines.


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