Organic Cotton And Why It Is Worth It?


In 21st century, the need of organic cotton surely isn’t just a whim. It is actually a necessity that is changing the world into a greener and better place. The producers of organic cotton in the U.S. are now facing real boom of this item, because the word organic is already a tendency.

organic cottonWhen it comes to organic cotton, it is also about a transgenic technology, for this is the main system that is used in the process of producing convenient cotton.

The transgenic technology is the favorite technology for many farmers in the country, for it has its own benefits. One of the main benefits remain reducing of the costs, therefore so many farmers are up to it.

The bad side of the transgenic system is the damage to the environment, as well as the ground water supply and the usage of pesticides. This way the process of producing typical cotton is already dangerous, not to mention the cotton contains chemicals and toxins.

The so called BT cotton is also extremely harmful, for it is made out of genetically modified crops, which is still a problematic issue.  The only cotton that remains green and natural is the organic cotton.

At first you should find more information about the standard, when it comes to the real organic cotton.

The definition of organic cotton is yet simple. Organic cotton is only the cotton grown of materials and by methods that have low impact on the environment.

organic cotton fieldThe green cotton agriculture is a whole new chapter in the eco diversity, for it is maintaining the soil fertility and it reduces the usage of toxic fertilizers and pesticides.  The producers of organic cotton in the world are now growing day by day.

According to the recent statistic, the production of organic cotton reaches impressive figures. Globally the organic cotton production reaches 20 percent over 2008 to 175, 113 metric tons grown on 253,000 hectares.

The impressive figure is going to be even more spectacular this year as the expectations are for double figures. The top producers of organic cotton worldwide are India, Turkey, Syria, China and the U.S. Nearly 222,000 farmers grew up the fiber.

In the U.S., the growth of organic cotton is strictly observed. Any plant is waiting for several procedures for getting the certification.

Officially the federal regulations in this matter are extremely strict – organic cotton should be grown without any synthetic or toxic fertilizers and only by natural methods.


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