Organic Coffee – What Hides Behind The Legend?


Did you know that coffee is perhaps the most polluted thing we ingest every day? Maybe the petroleum based fertilizer they use to increase productivity is not the worst possible chemical but caffeine increases its effect and we are unaware of it and take it in without any idea about the damage.

coffee trees

Did you know that genetically modified coffee was engineered to grow in direct sunlight where the original species would not have survived? This is because, the coffee tree is a vegetal species that grows in the shade so in order to increase productivity, the science was encouraged to create a species that would do well in sunlight. So if the coffee needs sun to grow, forests are coming down to make room for it.

coffee beansThe coffee tree was naturally created to thrive in the shade. The maturing process of the coffee beans is this way longer and the taste remains as perfect as nature has intended it to be.

The coffee beans are protected from insects by the bird population living in the forests under whose shade they grow. This naturally engineered link keeps the beans safe and healthy without pesticides.

The shade grown coffee benefits from the natural fertilizers resulted from the decomposing of the dead tree leaves. This way it is safe from fertilizers that tamper with its natural growth process and in the same time its flavor.

Organic coffee is all about the right steps for offering a quality product that has in mind the health and the delight of those passionate about this amazing drink.

As every good thing, coffee can be dangerous if consumed excessively but if used as the rightful delight it is considered to be, this gift of the gods can do a lot of good.

organic coffeeOrganic coffee is that coffee that received certification for the soil, environment and procedures used for its growth.

The true organic coffee is grown under the canopy of the rainforest so it not only respects the natural course of development but also gives a hand to save the planet.

The organically grown coffee keeps all the antioxidant properties that help people stay safe from type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, gallstones and Parkinson’s.

Organic coffee keeps all the beautiful flavors that grow unaltered exactly because of the slow maturing process of the beans. When not rushed, the coffee bean keeps to the rhythm that brings out the amazing toffee, citric hint or chocolate taste we all recognize as coffee masterpiece.

So next time you think about buying organic coffee smile at the thought and do it. It is always for the best.


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