How Big Is The Print Our Foot Leaves On The Planet?


The many environmental laws that would more or less fix the amazing number of issues this planet of ours suffers because of us will for sure not fix our state of mind.

We love to talk about green living, consuming less, recycling and sustainable building but we sure lose the track on how we as beings affect the state of the world we live in.

foot leaves on the planet 1Green living in the essence involves organic agriculture, sustainable clothing, less garbage and less food thrown away; in short consuming less from the resources we have at hand.

You must admit that the definition is appealing and as attitude goes we mean well.

What are we doing is unfortunately an entirely different matter. As social beings we are either fans of change or we resist heroically to it.

The social status tempts us to live by fashion changing clothes with the coming trends, changing cars before they have outlived their usage, changing home decoration because we are bored with it, etc…

We are perfectly aware that by doing things like the above we are helping in polluting the environment and with every step we take trying to make our life more and more comfortable we add a bit of darkness to our world.

foot leaves on the planet 2What is even more outrageous is that all the well intended people joining environmental movements and taking radical actions the type of ecological terrorism, lose from their view that they are polluting the planet too and that hate is the main factor behind any pollution act.

I know we are talking semantics when saying that our ways of life must be changed but honestly, we may not survive as a species to see the change take place.

Believe it or not our planet fights back, and it not as helpless as the environmental extremism might think.

The beloved Earth is hurting under our foot and responds with storms and unnatural rain or drought, destroying the very habitat that is sustaining our lives and leading us slowly into extinction.

The main point we all miss is that our actions are drops of rain into the ocean and only us as individuals have the power to not let that rain fall.

foot leaves on the planet 3Fixing the tap so the water won’t drip, turning of the light when we leave the room, consuming less food and changing clothes when they really need to be changed is not ecology but plain common sense.

Consider your actions before you make them and see the consequences on a higher scale.

Minimize the impact of your house by building it wisely or better yet restoring an old one making it passive.

Embrace the alternative energy, smile more often, choose a life spent interacting and inspiring positive attitude.

It’s true that is up to us to make the world better but we do not need a helping hand to do so. The humanity by nature is capable to move forward keeping track of the changes and by changing our nature we can surely help changing the environment.

The simple choices we make picking a fruit out of a whole bunch, choosing one car in spite of the other can either amplify or make our proverbial “carbon footprint” smaller.


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