A Temperature Efficient Home For Winter


The winter is knocking on the door and this is of the highest concern for many people who still wonder about the right home heating. In case you want to choose more energy efficient ways for heating in the winter, here are some tips.

Start with your furnace. Replace the old furnace with a new high- efficiency system. In case your furnace is built before 1992, it surely has a standing pilot.

solar power

Those furnaces with standing pilots are extremely wasteful. They waste at least 35 percent of the fuel, not to mention that these furnaces are near the end of their serving life.

Try the new condensing furnace that is proven as the best in this matter, for it is built with annual efficiency of 90 percent, which is an impressive figure. Another advantage of this furnace is in its economical nature. Typically this furnace wastes only 10 percent of the natural gas you are buying and it cuts 27 percent of your heating bill.

water heaterAnother good thing you can do in this matter is improving the efficiency of your hot water system. The best thing is to turn down the temperature of your water heater. You can turn it down to warm setting, which is 120°F. Insulating the hot water lines is also a good step to an efficient temperature. Try to insulate your hot lines and they will not cool off as fast as before.

The fixtures for the baths and the showers also need to be changed. Use only low-flow fixtures, for they are save water and keep a warm temperature. Insulating the walls and the attics of your home are also a must do.

In case your home doesn’t have wall insulation, you can go for blown-in insulation, for it is energy saving and cost-effective.

Upgrading your windows is also a solution. Research about the energy-efficient models and replace the old windows with these models. The recent statistics of the Energy Star Gov is very clear about replacing the old windows. According to it, by choosing energy-efficient windows you will save at least 24 percent of your heating bills.

Good landscaping is also a proven method for keeping the energy. In case you are living in an older house without insulation, just plant some deciduous trees around the house. The west side of the house is the right place to plant some bigger shrubs or trees. It keeps the house warmer and it saves some energy in the winter.


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