Wrap The Green Way For A Greener Gift


For many green lovers, Christmas and Thanksgiving are nightmares. This is so, simply because of the gifts and their harmful wraps.

gift wrapMany of them remain unrecyclable and this is a huge concern for the green society. Therefore, here are some ideas for green gift wrapping. One of these is the eco-shining gift wrap idea. The famous silver bells on the gifts are harmful for the environment, so avoid buying them.

Replace them with recycled aluminum foil that can be used for gift paper. It will shine and still, it will be green and environmental-friendly. Such foil can be found in many green stores and workshop, so research before even buying the present.

In case you can’t find such recyclable paper or fabrics, simply try reusing the gift bags. It is easy and you can even reuse the old shopping bags.

Wrapping can be creative and you can use your imagination to find some alternative wrapping made out of your old shopping bag. Don’t throw the gift bags and reuse them anytime you can.

green packing

Add some glamor to the old shopping bag with the Lyziwraps. It is a company that specializes eco-gift wrapping and you can find great green ideas about it.

Perhaps you would never guess it, but you can also use the old paper at home for a perfect green wrapping. Take a look at the old New York City subway maps. Perhaps you will never use them, but you can wrap your gift with them and create a package with hip design. Use your old topographical maps, they can also give some special design to your present and which is worth it, they are educational, so it will be the perfect gift wrap for many teenagers.

green wrap

Of course, organic and eco-friendly fabrics are also great idea. Containers can be also useful, despite they don’t need wrapping, but a bucket of watering is perfect for a present of gardening supplies or a mixing bowl can be a perfect package for your favorite cook.

As for the fabrics, there is nothing better than to wrap your gift with scarves, organic cotton baby blankets or organic towels. They are great for this matter and they will be reused for many years to come. One of the most resourceful gift wraps is the banana fiber paper.

It is 100 percent recyclable paper and it is printed with eco inks, such as the soy-based ink. Check out the wrapnatural.com for more green ideas in this matter.


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