What Trendy Green Habits Should We Adopt?


Building up green habits is an issue that requires time and effort. Here are some trendy habits that may change your life into a greener one. Start with the simplest changes.

At first, forget the common toilet paper. Brands like Charmin, Cotonelle and Quited Northern are producing the softest toilet paper, but it is hard to reduce, not to mention it contains some chemicals such as chlorine.

trendy green habits 1Try to find the alternative. There are brands that are producing toilet paper made out of 100 percent recycled fiber. Try to use only environmental-friendly brands, when it comes to paper.

Check the buyer’s guide from Greenpeace, in order to find out more about the green producers and their products. Another green habit you should maintain is the consumption of the real local food.

In case you are not a gardener, you should check out the closest local farms and plantations. Knowing the source of your food is healthy and mostly – safe. The small farms are selling their products cheaper and moreover, anything you will buy is going to be fresher than the vegetables in the store.

On the other hand, you are going to support the progress of the small organic farms, which is also a green thinking.

Transportation is also an issue, which should be changed – the more you walk, the greener is your life, not to mention you are cutting down the bad emissions, when you are using your car. Try public transportation, for it is one of the greenest ways.

trendy green habits 2In case you want to change your transportation drastically, just buy yourself a bicycle. It is the greenest transportation. Your home is also going to be changed in a good way. Try to pull not so extreme home makeovers.

Remodeling your home can be done with green materials. Reduce the consumption of raw materials and sort the items on the landfill. Try to save some energy at home.

Don’t leave your electronics on a stand-by mode, for it is also consuming energy. Switch off anything, when it is not in usage. Learn more about the green packages that are offered by the local utilities.

Buy products and electronics that are certificated to the Energy Star, for it is a guarantee that they are going to be recycled or reused. Inform yourself about the greenest labels, when it comes to wind and water energy. Solar panels and turbines to generate your household are also a “must”, in case you want to maintain green habits.


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