Tips For A Green Halloween


In case you are a green lover, here are few tricks how to spend Halloween in a green manner. Typically this is a holiday that requires lots of things and afterwards, it surely gets messy. You can avoid this problem by planning a green Halloween.

At first, preparing your holiday doesn’t need to be harmful for the environment. Don’t buy a costume from the thrift store; try to use what you have already got at home. Use your creativity and create a costume made out of environmental – friendly components, not to mention that this will save you money.

green halloween 1

You can use scrap fabrics, some wooden or recyclable accessories and even a cardboard. The make-up is also part of the Halloween look, but you don’t need to use typical make up.

Go for organic make up, for it is better and it is harmless. Check Etsy’s shop and their Pink Quartz Minerals, which is a toxin-free mineral makeup and it is very proper for such occasions. The pumpkin is the essential part of the Hollywood that we can’t just skip. Therefore, buy only organic pumpkins.

green halloween 2In case you can find organic pumpkins in the local store, research the local farms nearby and buy your pumpkin directly from the producers.

When you buy the pumpkin, use all parts of it. The seeds, which people usually throw away, are actually good food for the birds.

Leave the seeds out, on your doorway or window. When Halloween is over break the pumpkin into pieces and scatter them in your garden.

In case you have a compost bin, simply add the pieces there. Those parts of the pumpkin, which are in the garden, are going to be a perfect natural fertilizer for your plants.

The well-known tradition of Halloween is playing the game “trick or treat”. You can replace the typical candies with organic and healthier chocolate. There are already companies that are offering organic sweets for their Halloween clients.

Check out the “Organic Dark Chocolate Bug Bites” by Endangered Species. The company is also a producer of eco-friendly Halloween-themed candles, so you can purchase some candles too. Dried fruit is also good idea and they are healthier than the candies.

As for the home decoration, avoid buying the typical Halloween themed plastic decorations. In case you have to buy some decoration, buy that kind of Halloween decoration that will last for years to come. The lighting is also an issue, but you can check out the Inventor Sport latest collection. They are offering great solar-powered Halloween lights.


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