The Green Steps Towards A Green Garden And Yard


Going green isn’t only about your food, it is about changing your life, habits and mostly – environment. Your garden and backyard are also parts of this change, therefore maintain them in an environmental-friendly way.

Here are few steps how to take a care of your garden in an eco style. The first step for many that consider green living as an important issue is the so called “native landscaping”. Switch to it, because this is one of the best ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your yard.

green garden

The native landscaping means that you have to remove all kinds of exotic plants that surely require special fertilizers with chemicals and pesticides. Explore the beauty of the flora, which is native to your area. Moreover, by using local and native trees and plants you are giving shelter for the birds in your area.

Watering is also part of the gardening that you should consider very carefully. In case you are not using green water turbines, watering can be a polluting process.

Instead of that, choose to conserve the water in a green way. The rain barrels are one of the greenest ways to water your yard, not to mention the conserved rain water is rich in important minerals and ingredients.

green gardens

Many gardeners are using a great deal of water, which shouldn’t be the answer, because it is another source of waste. So far, the rain and the rain barrels are the right green key to water your yard.

Perhaps one of the most important things for your yard is the way you maintain it. Unfortunately many gardens and backyards are maintained by chemicals. Naturalize your lawn by avoiding chemicals and fertilizers with hazardous ingredients.

Many green lovers consider that by letting the native plants grow along with the grass, this can reduce the need of chemicals, especially while thickening the yard.

green garden

The mowers are also issue, especially if they are electricity mowers. Try to replace them with models, which doesn’t have automatic options and don’t require any electricity.

Mow your lawn often, for it is also healthy for your grass. Another issue to consider, in order maintaining your garden in a natural way is the decoration. Avoid synthetic materials or decorations that cannot be recycled.

Rocks are your best friends, when it comes to decoration of your yard. Bamboo wood is also good and renewable resource. In general, avoid the paints, which include some toxins and use more natural and durable materials.


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