The Environment And Your Home Can Be Green Together


Living green is a process that envelops almost everything that is surrounding us.

Recently there is a theory that claims that people should live in harmony with the environment by adding sustainable home décor into their homes.

This theory isn’t only about the materials we are using for building sustainable homes; it is also about the décor we are using. Nowadays the market is full with products labeled as green, but when it comes to home accessories or furniture, there are really few companies that are offering sustainable accessories.

green living

Decorating is always a challenge, especially when it comes to green decoration, but the Etsy’s Décor is praised as the best in this matter. Their website is also a place, where you can find sustainable home décor ideas and mostly the right accessories.

The eco-friendly goods for your home are made out of entirely sustainable materials. For instance, you can find amazing coat hooks that are made out of old silverware and bottle caps.

Surprisingly you can also update your home décor with recycled glass. Check out the workshops that are dealing with recycled glass, for they are offering amazing works of art. There are many examples of recycled glass made as an accessory, but Etsys Décor is offering collection of recycled glass dishes, which are another contemporary example of green decoration.

green living

Furniture can also be green and it is not even that difficult to find fine examples. Pillows and table runners can be found in very different shape from what you thought and mostly – green, because they are made out of sustainable fabrics.

The green decoration is also a matter of imagination and experiencing with different sustainable materials. The green designers are now finding the unusual materials that can be labeled as green even more interesting than the conventional ones.

living greenMoreover, the green accessories are made to represent the synchrony between the environment and the home decoration.

Recently even the tiniest details, part of the décor are replaced with green items that symbolize the nature.

The conventional home candles are no longer what they used to be, they are now green and made from soy. The linens and the curtains are also facing changes as they are made out of organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics.

Etsy’s collection is now presenting their green collection as a solution for the green lovers that want to live in harmony with the environment. All the accessories are handmade and their producing doesn’t involve any toxins or polluting materials and substances.


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