Recycling And Reducing Consume For Earth’s Sake!


Nowadays the things are pure and simple no longer built to “last”. In the past, the mankind was pretty much into using a thing until it was completely unusable. The stuff used to be fixed and mended until nobody could fix it anymore and only then thrown away.

Unfortunately, in the society we live in today consumerism has become a life trend . Everybody seems to need or want only the best of what is new and modern and simply get rid of the old. The trend is so powerful that if one of us refuses to comply he is almost judged as being obsolete as a person.

recycling & reducing consumeIt is clear for all of us that using old things is not fashionable but because a trend is popular it does not always mean that the trend is good.

Making a stand for what you consider correct instead of following a trend is something the human kind is doing very well and as a proof we still have a planet.

For the large household apparatus like washing machines, fridges, TVs and computers the stuff is complicated.

They should be taken apart and recycled only by specially trained personnel. On the other hand there is something to be done about furniture.

The old one can be repaired or reconditioned which would surely be smarter and less expensive than buying a new one. The toothbrushes can be used for cleaning small places or spreading shoe polish in the less accessible shoe cracks.

The plastic containers we buy food in can be used for storing food we buy in bulk. Towels, bed sheets, old T-shirt can become cloth to be used around the house for cleaning and repairing.

Metal boxes and non recyclable containers can become flower pots and plastic bags from supermarket can be used as garbage bags.

The books and reading materials if not recycled can be donated to a school or local bookstore. Old containers and wall paint buckets can be used to gather the garbage around the garden and the yard.

Wood and brick from remodeling can become material for yard design and glass bottles and jars can be containers for home made fruit and juice.

The way you recycle the multitude of objects you normally throw away is only limited by your imagination. During our way in life, all is conditioned by the events we cause and if recycling is part of the “ecology” current, we should really swim through it and be part of the wave that would no long encourage consume for the sake of consume.


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