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green living

Grow Them Responsible And They Will Save The Earth

Education has always been the best key to understand and appreciate the environment. Therefore, our children should be educated how to live green. Many experts are now organizing schools for little green activists. There are also other people that consider as very important to teach their children what is green living. Yet, the first step […]

green building products

Green Building With Green Building Products!

With an increased awareness about the degenerating environmental conditions it makes sense to make green habits a part of the daily life. A green home would be the natural next step to a greener life. Even if you already have a home, many green products can be added to it and also green building products […]

green garden

The Green Steps Towards A Green Garden And Yard

Going green isn’t only about your food, it is about changing your life, habits and mostly – environment. Your garden and backyard are also parts of this change, therefore maintain them in an environmental-friendly way. Here are few steps how to take a care of your garden in an eco style. The first step for […]

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Organic Food And The Price You Pay For It

Going green is always a step that includes organic foods and their usage. The U.S. organic farming is one of the most fast growing industries in the last 20 years. There is nothing bad in this, but there is something disturbing in the term “organic farming”. Living green is good and healthy for anyone, but […]

green living

How Serious Are You About Living A Green Life?

Perhaps the question does not require a straight answer or perhaps human kind divided in the form of individuals is not yet ready to answer it. Still the question lingers somewhere in the back of our mind every time we hear something related to saving our planet, recycling or eating organic. Is living green a […]

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Organic Is The Logical Step For Agriculture Survival

In 21st century organic industry is booming. There is no longer a question why we shall choose organic instead of inorganic. Many farms and producers are following the certificates and standards, when it comes to organic farming. The recent study shows an interesting statistic. We knew already that the organic vegetables and fruits are with […]

recycling & reducing consume

Recycling And Reducing Consume For Earth’s Sake!

Nowadays the things are pure and simple no longer built to “last”. In the past, the mankind was pretty much into using a thing until it was completely unusable. The stuff used to be fixed and mended until nobody could fix it anymore and only then thrown away. Unfortunately, in the society we live in […]

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What Trendy Green Habits Should We Adopt?

Building up green habits is an issue that requires time and effort. Here are some trendy habits that may change your life into a greener one. Start with the simplest changes. At first, forget the common toilet paper. Brands like Charmin, Cotonelle and Quited Northern are producing the softest toilet paper, but it is hard […]