Organic Is The Logical Step For Agriculture Survival


In 21st century organic industry is booming. There is no longer a question why we shall choose organic instead of inorganic. Many farms and producers are following the certificates and standards, when it comes to organic farming.

The recent study shows an interesting statistic. We knew already that the organic vegetables and fruits are with high quality, but there are interesting facts about the soil, where the organic veggies and fruits were growing.

agriculture survival 1Actually the soil is richer and healthier, as for the fruits- they are with higher antioxidant activity and have longer shelf life. The DNA analysis about the soil are also optimistic.

It was found that the organically managed soil contain more unique genes and a significant genetic diversity.

This means that the organically maintained soil is basically a keeper of chemical and biological properties.

The soil contains nitrogen, enzyme, micronutrients and microbial biomass. According to the scientist this soil is exactly the right soil to grow some rare agriculture without any problem. The explanation of this phenomenon is simple.

The organic foods are those foods that are grown without any syntactical or chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The content of an organic fruit is a lot healthier than the content of inorganic one.

agriculture survival 2Despite the claims of some scientists that the organic foods also contain bad chemicals, the organic industry is so far the only industry that provides 100 percent healthy grown products.

The lack of pesticides is also important. There are some researches that prove an amazing fact – the organic consumers are exposed less to diseases such as diabetes, cancer and a lot other diseases.

Of course, it would be a lie, if someone claims that there are no pesticides in the organic foods. There are surely some, but their amount isn’t high enough to be harmful. Compared to the inorganic fruits, the organic ones keep lots of health benefits.

agriculture survival 3Consuming organic foods means also that you are cutting down some harmful ingredients such as the drugs and the hormones in the meat, the nitrates in the foods, as well as the artificial colors and additives.

The prognosis about the progress of the organic industry goes beyond the expectations. Many are sure that organic farms are the future, especially for keeping some agriculture.

For instance, growing organic strawberries is not only healthier; it is useful, for it enriches the soil and the sort of the strawberries. Therefore, growing organic is the only logical step to a real agriculture survival.


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