How Serious Are You About Living A Green Life?


Perhaps the question does not require a straight answer or perhaps human kind divided in the form of individuals is not yet ready to answer it. Still the question lingers somewhere in the back of our mind every time we hear something related to saving our planet, recycling or eating organic.

Is living green a burden? It most certainly is. In spite of hearing every day about how easy it is to follow green habits consuming less and saving more, putting all things to work may prove more difficult than we can imagine.

green living

This simply happens because human beings are creatures of habit. Consuming less would certainly be beneficial for our world but as long as we consider that our comfort is directly linked to the amount of resources we consume, giving up the habit will not be possible.

Is creating a green education impossible? No it isn’t but is mighty hard to do it. Considering that the school system in the more economically evolved countries of the world is preaching the recycling programs encouraging the young minds to know and assume the responsibility over the carbon foot print, it does not seem too hard.

Still when it comes to adults, for as long as there are still people who do not consider recycling a must, creating a new sense of responsibility is quite hard.

Who is responsible?

recyclingAs individuals, people tend to place the blame on government and society. The whole world being so close to the state of becoming a garbage pit may sure look like the result of a higher plan.

What about the every day activities and the constant craze of buying more products? Is that an evil master plan, too? The point is, humanity is spending a lot of time blaming the state of the Earth on anything else but the human conduct.

According to so many social studies conducted in US, the average family consumes in a day the equivalent of resources which if burned will create the CO2 quantity a car creates in 2 days.

If saving the world is not reason enough then we should focus on saving our cash. Reducing consumption, saving energy, buying less food will save the money we work so hard for.

Focusing on creating the comfort out of the essentials may save us a lot of work, stress and health and that is reason alone for living a greener life.


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